The Image of the World in Graphic Design

I am writing my 2nd year Graphic Design essay on the image of the world in Graphic Design. At the moment i’m in my research stages and i’m in the process of collecting examples of advertising featuring the world/the globe and companies logos which depict this.

Online references collected so far…

United Nations Global Compact


Google Earth


Virus Bulletin


The World at Night

National Geographic

BBC News

Brands of the World

Barclays Bank

Global Business Forum

British Gas


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Centraal Beheer Ads

Netherlands insurance company Centraal Beheer who are situated in Apeldoorn are recognised for their tv ads which have aired for over 15 years now. The humorous ads show us a whole range of situations around the world, ending with a moment where something goes horrendously wrong. “Even Apeldoorn bellen” (“Let’s call Apeldoorn”) appears at the end, a catchphrase which has now become a general saying much like “oops,” in meme-like fashion. Because of this the company is commonly referred to as “Apeldoorn.”  On the international versions, the catchphrase is simply “Just call us.”

A large collection of the ads are available on the Centraal Beheer website… 

…just select the “Algemeen” tab then “Fun” then “Commercials.”

One of the more talked about ads, ‘Museum,’ which features Bill Clinton and a voodoo doll, was requested to be taken off air by the American government. Also, ‘Adam and Eve’ was banned…

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The Rainforest Site

Please take a minute of your time & click on the links below…

The Rainforest Site – All you need to do is click the button on the website and you can save 11.4 square feet of rainforest land free every day. Last year, visitor clicks funded the preservation and protection of 517,475,013 square feet of rainforest and the habitats of tens of thousands of plant and animal species (up from 348,600,625 in 2007). 100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to the site’s charitable partners.


The Hunger Site – It’s simple, you click, corporate sponsors pay, the hungry eat. With a simple daily click you help provide food to those in need and pay nothing. Food is paid for by the site’s sponsors and distributed to food banks. To date, more than 300 million visitors have given more than 500 million cups of staple food. Click every day to give help and hope to those most in need. Every 3.6 seconds somebody starves to death. Every click counts in the life of a hungry person.


Other donation websites…





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